100+ New Species of Marine Life Recently Discovered in the Philippines

Written by Cecille

Verde Island Passage is a portion of the Coral Triangle with the richest marine biodiversity. As such, researchers keep on exploring the area in the hopes of discovering something new. Their exploration not so long ago gave them the opportunity to reach unexplored areas – some with depths between 150 to 500 feet. This resulted in the discovery of 100 new marine life.  The following are a few of these newly discovered sea creatures.

Heart Urchin

The skeleton of a heart urchin was first discovered in 2014 but this expedition gave way to the discovery of a live heart urchin for the first time. The heart urchin has marvelous pinkish-white spines as fine as the hair.


More than 40 varieties of nudibranchs were discovered during this expedition. One is a bright purple-colored one with orange margin and a white-colored one with bright yellow spots.

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