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6 Most Common Travel Accidents to Avoid

Written by Patrick
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We are surrounded by potential risks everywhere we go, but when traveling, there are a number of risks that become more likely because you are in such an unfamiliar environment.  The following depicts the 6 most common travel accidents.

Most Common Travel Accidents

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The following are the 6 most common accidents to beware of in order to avoid while traveling.

01 | Tripping

The likelihood of tripping on your trip is much greater as we are always in a hurry to catch a flight/train.  If you are not watching where you are stepping, you can trip and fall off the curb causing possible injuries.

02 | Traffic Accidents

Car accidents are the number one cause of death across the globe.  If you do plan to drive while traveling, know the local traffic rules since they differ drastically from country to country.

03 | Mugging

Foreign tourists are prime targets for muggers. Try not to walk alone at night or in isolated areas no matter how safe the city is.  Research the neighborhood before you leave.

04 | Insect & Snake Bites

Watch your step while in nature.  Snakes can be very difficult to see, and their bites can be fatal.  It is important that if bitten, you get to an emergency room as quickly as possible.  Insect bites can have serious consequences for some, especially mosquitos as they can be carriers of a variety of blood borne diseases.  

05 | Slipping on Wet Surfaces

Wet surfaces are exceptionally dangerous to walk on. Hold onto the railing when walking on slippery stairs.  Avoid hiking/walking in the dirt while it is wet.  Pack proper walking shoes, rain or snow boots.

06 | Alcohol Abuse

Drinking too much puts a traveler at grave risk.  Every country has its own rules and regulations on alcohol consumption.  Alcohol not only weakens your judgment but makes you a target for burglary.

So now you know the 6 most common accidents which occur while traveling.   Now that you know, you are more likely to be aware, cautious, and avoid them.  Don’t let these accidents ruin your trip.

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What do YOU do to avoid accidents while traveling?

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