69 Fun Places to Have Sex in the Philippines

Written by Patrick
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Who doesn’t like to have a little fun in their life?  As we all know It’s More Fun in the Philippines … and that includes sex.  Here are a few ideas to inspire you to spice up your sex life.  They will also greatly increase your chances of winning a game of “Never Have I Ever”.  

The following list is In no order whatsoever … that’s for you to decide.  😉

  • At a Public Park
  • On Your Own Private Island
  • Fitting Room at the Mall
  • In a Hammock
  • On an Inflatable Sofa 
  • On a Deserted Beach during the Day or at Sunset 
  • At a 5-Star Resort Suite
  • Private Poolside Cabana 
  • In a Dive Bar
  • At a Foam Party
  • At a Nude Beach
  • In an Elevator
  • In an Airplane Bathroom on a Long Flight
  • In a Festival Tent
  • At the Beach at Night
  • In a Movie Theater / IMAX
  • House of Mirror at Amusement Park 
  • In the Jungle 
  • On a Ferris Wheel Ride
  • Rafting Down a River 
  • Back Seat of a Taxi
  • In a Hot Air Balloon
  • In a Helicopter
  • At a Haunted House
  • At a New Years Eve Event
  • At the Airport
  • Under a Waterfall
  • After/During Skinny Dipping
  • Inside a Lighthouse
  • Inside a Cave
  • On a Blanket during Fireworks
  • In a Jollibee Restaurant Bathroom 
  • At a Bed & Breakfast/Inn
  • At a WaterPark
  • In an Abandoned Factory
  • In an Empty Classroom at a University
  • In a Utility Closet at a Hospital
  • In a Photo Booth
  • In a Sauna
  • While Camping (in a double sleeping bag)
  • On a Trail while Hiking/Trekking
  • At an Office Coworking Space 
  • Under the Stars
  • On Top of Taraw Cliff overlooking the Town of El Nido 
  • In Front of a Screen
  • While Glamping
  • On/In a Volcano
  • In a Hot Spring
  • In a Bamboo Hut
  • In a Treehouse
  • On a Sailboat
  • In a Hot Tub
  • In a Jeepney / MultiCab
  • On a Ferry
  • At a Library 
  • At a Vineyard/Sugar Cane Field
  • At a Gym  (Anytime Fitness)
  • At a Hostel
  • In an Outdoor Shower
  • In the Rain 
  • Against a Coconut Tree
  • In a Pool at a Resort 
  • On a Swing at a Park at Night
  • At a Sports Field at Night 
  • On a Balcony of a Condo/Hotel
  • In a Ball Pit @ McDonalds
  • On a Yacht / Houseboat
  • On the Roof of a Tall Building 
  • Random Hotel for a Couple Hours
Favorite place to have sex in the Philippines

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Patrick is an entrepreneur, digital nomad, explorer, and photographer. Patrick is always in search of fun and adventure. He is well travelled throughout the world, and although location independent, his home base is Phoenix, Arizona in the USA. Patrick loves island lifestyle which is no wonder why he is so interested in spending time in the Philippines with it’s over 7,000 islands. Patrick created this site to share his knowledge of and experiences in the Philippines with Filipinos as well as other foreigners.

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