About the Team

This site is owned and operated by Patrick an American traveler and Cecille & Leo a Filipino couple living in the Philippines.

About Us: Patrick

Patrick is an entrepreneur, digital nomad, explorer, and photographer. Patrick is always in search of fun and adventure. He is well travelled throughout the world, and although location independent, his home base is Phoenix, Arizona in the USA.

Patrick loves island lifestyle which is no wonder why he is so interested in spending time in the Philippines with it’s over 7,000 islands. Patrick created this site with Leo & Cecille to share his knowledge of and experiences in the Philippines with Filipinos as well as other foreigners.

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About Us: Cecille & Leo

Leo & Cecille are a married Filipino couple based in the Philippines. They are both digital nomads and passionate about the Philippines and travel. Sometimes they travel solo, sometimes as a couple, and sometimes with their son as a family. As a result, they are able to provide a unique perspective on each type of travel (solo, couple, and family). Being pure Filipino, they are able to provide a keen Filipino perspective and insight.

Cecille produces the written content for the site & guides and handles all the administrative tasks … and there are MANY to running a site like this and planning and coordinating trips!

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Leo maintains this website and produces all graphical content for both the site and our guides.

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