Budget-friendly Beachfront Hotels in Boracay

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When you’re in the country’s most popular island destination such as Boracay, the problem is not the lack of hotels or resorts but in finding which one is best for you.  With hundreds of spots where you can possibly spend a night or more, choosing the one that will become your home away from home can be confusing.  Of course, you have to consider different factors such as your activities, location, amenities, and budget.

While prices in Boracay, particularly in areas where the action takes place, can be higher than other places in the country, there are actually beachfront hotels and resorts that are affordable.  Here are some of those you may want to consider.

La Carmela de Boracay

La Carmela de Boracay

Caption: La Carmela de Boracay | Image Source

Located at the heart of Station 2, La Carmela de Boracay can be accessed directly from the White Beach path.  It is less than 1km from the D’Mall and is near several restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, and other businesses.  The hotel has a pool with a jacuzzi and poolside bar, a mini-stage, and an area for outdoor parties.

The hotel has several room types from Standard Rooms to Deluxe and Premier Rooms.

Nigi Nigi Nu Noos

Nigi Nigi Nu Noos

Caption: Nigi Nigi Nu Noos | Image Source

Nigi Nigi Nu Noos is a small hotel less than 200 meters away from La Carmela de Boracay.  This unique hotel has a lush tropical garden setup and features artistic pagoda cottages with Polynesian-style architecture.  Aside from the standard hotel amenities, Nigi Nigi Nu Noos also has a beach bar and a beach restaurant which is known not only for the setup but also for the international and oriental cuisines.

7Stones Boracay

7Stones Boracay

Caption: 7Stones Boracay | Image Source

7Stones Boracay is not located along the famous White Beach but on the other side of the island, along Bulabog Beach where the adventures take place.  Tourists can find vendors offering various activities such as parasailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, jet skiing, and many others just outside the hotel.

The hotel is approximately five minutes walk from D’Mall and eight minutes from White Beach.

El Centro Beach Resort Boracay

El Centro Beach Resort Boracay

Caption: El Centro Beach Resort Boracay | Image Source

Along the White Beach is El Centro Beach Resort, a small hotel offering basic amenities.  While the hotel is nothing fancy, guests love their spacious and clean air-conditioned rooms equipped with cable TV and hot showers.  

Boracay Ocean Club Beach Resort

Boracay Ocean Club Beach Resort

Caption: Boracay Ocean Club Beach Resort | Image Source

Boracay Ocean Club Beach Resort may not be the cheapest in the list but the resort regularly offers promos and discounts for budget-conscious tourists.  This boutique resort located at Station 3 has a tropical-style setup and features air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom.  It has a swimming pool, spa, and a bar offering local and international cuisines.  The resort also offers various activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, and many others.

These hotels and resorts may not be the fanciest in the area but considering their rate and location, they’re definitely a steal.

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Any Budget-friendly Resort in Boracay that we missed?

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