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Common Filipino Phrases Every Visitor to the Philippines Should Know

Written by Patrick

The following are common Filipino phrases used throughout the Philippines.  

Magandang araw! = Beautiful Day!

Magandang araw!

Magandang umaga = Good Morning!

Magandang umaga!

Magandang tanghali = Good Noon!

(used between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM)

Magandang tanghali!

Magandang hapon = Good Afternoon!

Magandang hapon!

Maligayang bati! = Greetings!

Maligayang bati!

Maligayang kaarawan = Happy Birthday!

Maligayang kaarawan!

Para! = Stop (often used on jeepneys)


Magkano? = How much?


Wala na bang tawad / bawas? = Is there any discount?

Wala na bang tawad/bawas?

Sandali lang / Saglit = Hold-on/Wait

Sandalig lang / Saglit

Gusto ko ito. = I like/want this.

Gusto ko ito.

Ayaw ko nito. / Ayoko nito. = I don’t like this.

Ayaw ko nito. / Ayoko nito.

Pasensya ka na. = Sorry.

Pasensya ka na.

Pasensya na kayo. = Sorry for the inconvenience.

Pasensya na kayo.

Aalis na ako. = I’m leaving now.

Aalis na ako.

Paalam! = Goodbye!


Ingat ka! = Take care!

Ingat ka!

Salamat! / Salamat po! = Thank You!

Salamat! / Salamat po!

Walang anuman. = You’re Welcome.

Walang anuman.

Do you know other common Filipino phrases? What are they?

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