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Facts About the Philippines

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The following are several facts about the Philippines:

  1. The official name for the Philippines is the Republic of the Philippines.
  2. It is an archipelagic country that is part of Asia continent, and is the 5th largest island country in the world.
  3. The Philippines has a total land area of 115,831 square miles and is the 72nd largest country by square miles.
  4. A native or resident of the Philippines is called a Filipino(male) or Filipina(female).  Pinoy and Pinay are also used when referring to people only, not the language.
  5. The primary languages in the Philippines are English and Filipino.
  6. The government of the Philippines is a Unitary presidential constitutional republic.
  7. Based on the estimates by the United Nations in 2020, the Philippines is the 12th most populated country in the world with a population of approximately 110 million people.
  8. The City of Manila is the capital city of the Philippines.  It is the second most high-risk city and the most densely populated city in the world at about 119,600 people per square mile.
  9. Quezon City is the largest and most populous city in the Philippines.
  10. The national currency of the Philippines is the Peso (PHP).
  11. In 2018, the World Bank estimated the GDP of the Philippines was $331 Billion USD.
  12. According to estimates by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Philippines was 26th on the list of countries with the highest GDP (PPP) in 2020.
  13. The Philippines is divided into 82 provinces.
  14. The highest point in the Philippines is Mount Apo in Mindanao at 9,692 feet.  It is an active volcano containing openings in the earth that releases steam and volcanic gases.  These openings are known as Fumaroles or a solfatara if rich in sulfur.  Although active, Mount Apo has no known historic eruptions. 
  15. The longest river in the Philippines is the Cagayan River, also referred to as “Rio Grande de Cagayan” at 314 miles long.
  16. The largest lake in the Philippines is Laguna de Báý, also referred to as Laguna Lake at 356 square miles.
  17. Drivers in the Philippines drive on the right side of the road.
  18. The country calling code for the Philippines is +63.
  19. The ISO 3166 code for the Philippines is PH.
  20. Majority of the Philippine population is Christian – 81% belong to the Catholic Church while the remaining 11% are Protestant, Orthodox, Independent Catholic and other denominations.  Islam is the second largest religion in the country with 5.6% of the population adhering to the faith.
  21. The national anthem of the Philippines is called “Lupang Hinirang” or “Chosen Land” in English.
  22. The motto of the Philippines is Maka-Diyos, Maka-tao, Makakalikasan at Makabansa or “For God, People, Nature, and Country’ in English.

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Facts and Figures About the Philippines

Facts and Figures About the Philippines

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