Travel Tip:  How to Stay for FREE at a Hotel

Getting a complimentary room (a “comp” as it is called in the travel industry jargon) for one or more nights, is the ultimate hotel perk and a lot better than finding a good deal as it makes you feel special.  If you’ve always dreamt of staying for FREE at a luxury hotel, then keep on reading and be inspired by our nine travel tips.

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1 |  Join a hotel loyalty program

2 |  Book your stay with

3 |  Make use of the best rate guarantee

4 |  Get a hotel-branded credit card

5 |  Join an airline’s frequent flyer program

6 |  Make use of a ‘free night’ hotel promotion

7 |  Boost your social media presence

8 |  Complain about a troubling experience

9 |  Join the travel industry

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