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Funny Pinoy Party Games

Funny Pinoy Party Games
Written by Patrick

What with a feast that can feed the whole village, Filipino parties are surely a lot of fun!  But what makes the Pinoy party even more exciting are the funny games played in addition to the ever present videoke.

In our previous post, we listed 10 traditional Pinoy party games but the list simply wasn’t enough.  There are still a lot of games out there that Filipinos love to play, be it during birthdays, reunions, and Christmas parties, as well as team-building activities.

Below are 10 of funny Pinoy party games that will surely make you cry… with laughter.

1 | Sandok Pera Challenge

Sandok Challenge is a game that utilizes a sandok (ladle) to scoop paper bills from the table or floor to the basin while blindfolded.  Each player can only scoop three (can vary) times.  The player gets all the bills scooped.

2 | Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

This game of agility is played by pairs.  The game starts with both players facing each other with an item (bottle, shoes, or anything) in between them.  Players must touch their own body part (head, shoulders, knees, or toes) mentioned by the game master.  When the word “grab” is spoken, the players must grab the item in front of them.  The first player to grab the item wins the game, or is qualified to the next round when there are more than a pair playing.

3 | Sipsip Challenge

The mechanics of the game are simple.  Players must transfer the items (typically candies like M&M’s, Smarties, Nips) from one bowl to another by using a small straw.  The first player to transfer all the items wins the game.  If played by teams, the first team to have all the members play wins the game.

4 | Pass the Message

The game starts with members of the team forming a line or a circle.  The game master will read the message to the first players which will then whisper the same message to the second person in the line.  The second person repeats the message to the third, and so on.  The last person in the line will then write the message to a piece of paper and submit it to the game master.  The team with the correct message, or at least the least mistakes, submitted to the game master wins the game. Another version of this game is Pass the Action where instead of whispering the message, the players will perform the action.

5 | Hep Hep Hooray!

This is another funny pinoy party games. Popularized by local TV host Willie Revillame. Played individually, players will simply say “hep hep” while clapping twice below their legs or “hooray” while raising their hands in the air.  The game master will randomly point at one of the players.  The player whom the game master points first must say “hep hep” with hand gestures and the second player being pointed must say “hooray”.  A player who said the wrong phrase or made the wrong hand gesture is eliminated from the game.  The last player who lasts the longest wins the game.

6 | Eggplant Relay

The game requires only three items; eggplant, bottle cap/crown, and string.  To begin, the eggplant must be tied to one end of the string while the other end must be tied around the players’ waist.  With the bottle cap on the floor, the players will then move the bottle cap by swaying their hips so the eggplant hits the cap.  The player who reaches the finish line first wins the game.

7 | Surprise Cups

This game is like those surprise eggs kids love so much.  The game utilizes cups or bowls.  Several cups or bowls are turned upside down to conceal any item, be it of value or otherwise.  The player will then choose which cup or bowl to open.  The player gets to keep for himself whatever item is inside the cup.  Items could be coins or paper bills, candies, small toys, or items with very little to no value.  The cup could also be empty.

8 | Sack Race

Sack race is an exciting game where players place both their legs inside the sack that reaches to their waist and hop forward from starting to finish line.  The first player to reach the finish line wins the game.  When played in groups, the first group to have all their team members reach the finish line wins the game.

9 | Charades

If you have a hidden talent for acting, it’s about time you unveil it.  Can be played individually or by group, charades is a game in which a person will act a word or phrase for other players to guess.  When played by group, the players are divided equally into two groups.  The group chooses a member to act then the rest of the members must guess the word or phrase given.  Team members must make sure that their first guess is the right answer else give the opportunity for the opposing team to steal.  The group with the highest score wins the game.

10 | Finding Coin in a Flour

This game can get messy so play only when you don’t mind your makeup ruined or outfit soiled.  

The goal of the game is to find the coin buried in a shallow bowl or dish of flour.  However, instead of using their hands to look for the coin, players must blow the flour off the bowl or dish until the coin appears.  The first player or team to find the coin wins the game.

Other funny and exciting Pinoy party games include pass the water game, Pinoy henyo, melt the ice game, and so much more.

Cover photo from Harina Games video.

What's YOUR favorite Pinoy party game?

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