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How to Be a Responsible Traveller

Written by Patrick
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Responsible travel is about being environmentally, culturally, and economically aware with your travel choices.

Whether your travels take you to a tropical beach, a bustling city, or a tranquil village, responsible travel is travelling in a sustainable way that benefits the country you are visiting as well as the environment.

The question that many travellers ask is: “ How Can I Be a More Responsible Traveller?”

Responsible travel is not always easy.  It can be confusing.  This article is a short guide to help you gain a better understanding of how to be a Responsible Traveller and how to get started. 

The following are simple steps you can take to become a more responsible traveller.

How to be a responsible traveler.

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The following are 10 conscious choices that will reduce your footprint. 

01 | Choose Your Transport

Use low impact transport when possible:  walk, cycle, use public transport, carpool, etc.

02 | Book Green Labelled Accommodation

Eco-friendly hotels and eco-places of stay help develop sustainable tourism.

03 | Pack Green

Use organic and biodegradable soap, sunscreen, washing powder, etc.

04 | Share Your Material

If you only use it once a year, you can rent it or buy it with a friend.

05 | Preserve the Ecosystem

If you touch coral while snorkeling or pick flowers when hiking, you will damage what you came for … so avoid doing such things. 

06 | Buy & Eat Local & Organic

It’s safe and beneficial to the local economy and it’s usually better than commercial products. 

07 | Reduce Waste

Water is often scarce, save it!  Keep your waste with you until you find a bin.  For Example …  carry a trash bag to collect your waste until you can dispose of it properly. 

08 | Go for Eco-Friendly Activities

Non-motorised activities are often more fun, good for the environment, and better for YOU and your health. 

09 | Calculate Your Travel Footprint

When travelling by plane or car, there is a simple tool you can use to calculate your trip’s climate impact.  Check out 

10 | Support Certified Projects

You can compensate for your CO2 impact by making a financial contribution for CO2 reduction project in a developing country.  These projects are a guarantee for real, traceable, and permanent climate action.

Remember, our actions can have a big impact on the world while we travel. Make sure it is a positive one.

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