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Ilocos Norte
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Ilocos Norte is a province in the northern Philippines. Its capital is Laoag City. At the province’s northern tip, the town of Pagudpud is known for its beaches, like Blue Lagoon, plus bell-shaped Timmangtang Rock and towering Kabigan Falls. The Ilocos Region is an administrative region of the Philippines, designated as Region I, The region is also rich in crafts, with renowned blanket-weaving and pottery. The Ilocanos’ burnay pottery is well known for its dark colored clay.


Ilocos Norte

Coordinates: 18°10′N 120°45′E


The following are a few useful and interesting details about this province.

Ilocos Norte
18°10′N 120°45′E | View Map
Year Founded:
3,467.89 km2 (1,338.96 sq mi)
170/km2 (440/sq mi)
Cities & Towns:
2 Component city, 21 Towns (Municipalities)
(Mount Sicapoo) 2,354 m (7,723 ft)
Time Zone:
Zip Code:
Area code:
+63 -(077)-XXX-XXXX
Standard voltage is 220V.
Plug commonly used is Type A but Types B and C are used as well.
Bring A to B adapter(s).
Philippine Peso (PHP)
Exchange Rate:
Approximately 1 USD = 50 PHP | click for exact exchange rate
Income Class:
First Class
Roman Catholicism and the Aglipayan Church are the two major religions in the province.
Ilocano, Filipino, English
Known For:
Bangui Wind Farm, La Paz Sand Dunes, Pagudpud, Fort Ilocandia
Major Industries:
Agriculture (rice, corn, garlic, legumes, root crops, and tobacco), Fishing, Livestock, Handicrafts, Manufacturing, Wind Power, Tourism
Best Time to Visit:
March to July
Casual light clothing: shorts, t-shirt, sandals. Light jacket and pants at night, at higher elevations, and boating.
Bus Terminal(s):


The climate in this province is dry season from November to April and wet season from May to October. Annual rainfall is 2,067.2 mm. while average temperature is 27.8 degrees C. The province is occasionally visited by tropical cyclones and storms during the southwest monsoon season.

March to July is the peak season in Laoag.

The most appropriate clothing in this province is casual light clothing: shorts, t-shirt, sandals. Light jacket and pants at night, at higher elevations, and boating.

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The Ilocos Norte province is divided into 21 Municipalities, 2 Component Cities:

  • Adams
  • Bacarra
  • Badoc
  • Bangui
  • Banna
  • Batac
  • Burgos
  • Carasi
  • Currimao
  • Dingras
  • Dumalneg
  • Laoag
  • Marcos
  • Nueva Era
  • Pagudpud
  • Paoay
  • Pasuquin
  • Piddig
  • Pinili
  • San Nicolas
  • Sarrat
  • Solsona
  • Vintar


There is 1 outlying island surrounding the mainland of Ilocos Norte which is under the jurisdiction of the province.

  • Badoc Island


The following is a list of points of interest relating to the Ilocos Norte province:

  • Anat Falls
  • Aqua Grand
  • Bacarra Church
  • Bangui Windmills
  • Bantay Abot Cave
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Cabongaoan Beach
  • Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
  • Church of the Immaculate Conception
  • Dos Hermanos Islands
  • Juan Luna Shrine
  • Kabigan Falls
  • Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
  • La Paz Sand Dunes
  • La Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc Church
  • Madongan Dam
  • Malacanang Of The North
  • Marcos Museum & Mausoleum
  • Museo Ilocos Norte
  • Paoay Church
  • Pasaleng Beach
  • Patapat Viaduct
  • Santa Monica Parish Church
  • Saud Beach
  • Sinking Bell Tower
  • St Augustine Church
  • St Augustine’s Church
  • St. William’s Cathedral
  • The Winding Patapat Bridge

If you plan to visit the province of Ilocos Norte, you can use the following sites to determine the best places to stay:


The following is a list of festivals celebrated in Ilocos Norte throughout the year:

  • Bac-bacarra Festival (November) – Bacarra
  • Guling-guling Festival (February) – Paoay
  • Pamulinawen Festival (February) – Laoag
  • Empanada Festival (June 23) – Batac
  • Pinakbet Festival (1st week of March) – Marcos
  • Panagabuos Festival (April) – Banna
  • Ani Festival (Last week of March) – Dingras


The following are the most frequently asked questions about the Ilocos Norte province.

Where in the Philippines is Ilocos Norte located?
Ilocos Norte occupies the northern tip of the Ilocos Region in Luzon.

Is Ilocos Norte a city or province?
Ilocos Norte is a province.

What is the Capital of Ilocos Norte?
The capital of Ilocos Norte is Laoag.

What is Ilocos Norte famous for?
Ilocos Norte is famous for Bangui Wind Farm, La Paz Sand Dunes, Pagudpud, Fort Ilocandia.

How do I get to Ilocos Norte?
There are several ways to get toIlocos Norte, the most common being from Manila:

  • Bus | 8 hours | $16-$18
  • Taxi | 7 hours | $150-$180
  • Drive | 7 hours | $42-$62
  • Plane | 1 hour | $62-$$140

RESOURCE: Best Online Transportation Resource for the Philippines

How many islands are in Ilocos Norte?
There is 1 island in Ilocos Norte.

What does Ilocos Norte mean?
Ilocos was derived from the local word “ylokos” which means “from the lowlands”.

How Safe is Traveling in Ilocos Norte?
Ilocos Norte is generally safe for locals and tourists.

Is the climate in Ilocos Norte the same as the rest of the Philippines?
The climate of the province is considered tropical with dry season from November to April and wet season from May to October.

To learn more about the various climate types in the Philippines, and for a Climate Map, click the link below…

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