Interesting Marine Life Found in the Philippines

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The oceans are home to several million species of astonishing sea creatures. The seas surrounding the Philippine islands are no exception. Some of the marine life is interesting and unique enough to truly stand out. In this article, we identify 7 of the most interesting sea creatures found in the waters surrounding the Philippine islands.

Dugong (Sea Cow) - Most Interesting Marine Life in the Philippines

Dugong (Sea Cow)

Being a herbivorous marine mammal, dugongs feed on seagrass – from the leaves down to the roots. They are commonly found in shallow water with high concentration of seagrass, although they are rarely found in groups because there’s usually not enough food to support large population. Referred to as “lady of the sea”, dugongs are approximately 3 meters in length. Their number in the country has significantly decreased and is one of the marine animals with threatened population worldwide. Dugong is the first marine mammal placed under protection in the Philippines.

Napoleon Wrasse

Also called humphead wrasse and locally called mameng, this marine animal is usually found on coral reefs. They typically measure approximately 1 meter from tip to tail but there are those that can grow up to 2 meters in length. They are notable for the hump on their foreheads, hence the other name. They are also noted for their thick lips and their color which vary from blue-green to green and purplish-blue. Their population is declining due to reasons such as illegal and overfishing, habitat loss, and poor management. They are listed as endangered species and are being conserved and protected.

Pacific Bluefin Tuna

The bluefin tuna is considered as a luxury fish and is one of the world’s most expensive tuna. But because of their commercial value and high market demand, their population greatly declined and is now considered as a threatened species.

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