Itineraries for Destinations in the Philippines

A good itinerary is the key to a successful trip and getting the most out of the trip. An itinerary is a detailed travel plan for a journey, especially a list of places to visit … it’s a proposed outline to follow when traveling.  We provide many suggested travel itineraries for various destinations throughout the Philippines.  Most not only include a complete travel schedule but also include itemized costs as well.  Select your destination below to see a list of itineraries we provide for that destination.  Happy & Safe Travels!

#ItineraryDAYSClosest CityIslandIsland Group
353 Days on Boracay Island3N/ABoracayVisayas
241 Week on Palawan Island7SEVERALPalawanLuzon
235 Days on Siargao Island5SEVERALSiargaoMindanao
363 Days in the City of Puerto Princesa3Puerto Princesa CityPalawanLuzon
33Samal Island7Island Garden City of SamalSamalMindanao
225 Days on Bohol Island5Tagbilaran CityBoholVisayas
18Guimaras Island7Iloilo CityGuimarasVisayas
32Metro Manila7Metro ManilaLuzonLuzon
20Cebu City7Cebu CityCebuVisayas
34Davao City7Davao CityMindanaoMindanao