Luzon is one of the three primary geographical divisions of the Philippines, along with Visayas and Mindanao.  It is located in the northern part of the Philippine archipelago.

Luzon Regions Map

Fast Facts

Luzon is also the largest island of the Philippines, occupying the northern part of the Luzon island group.

Luzon Island Group Map

It is comprised of the Luzon mainland, the Batanes, Babuyan, and Ilocos groups of islands to the north, Polillo Islands to the east, and the outlying islands of Palawan and the Cuyo Archipelago to the west, and Catanduanes, Marinduque, Masbate, Romblon, Mindoro, among others, to the south.

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is located within this island group, on Luzon island.

The major cities on Luzon island are:

(km2| mi2)
1Quezon1939166 km2| 64 mi22,936,200NCR
2Manila190143 km2 | 17 mi21,780,200NCR
3Caloocan196253 km2 | 20 mi21,584,000NCR
4Taguig200454 km2 | 21 mi2805,000NCR
5Antipolo1998306 km2 | 118 mi2776,400CALABARZON
6Pasig199531 km2 | 11 mi2755,300CALABARZON
7Parañaque199847 km2 | 18 mi2665,900NCR
8Dasmariñas200990 km2 | 35 mi2660,000CALABARZON
9Valenzuela199847 km2 | 18 mi2620,500NCR
10Bacoor201246 km2 | 18 mi2600,600CALABARZON
11Las Piñas199733 km2 | 13 mi2588,900NCR
12Makati199522 km2 | 8 mi2582,600NCR
13San Jose del Monte2000106 km2 | 41 mi2574,100Central Luzon
14Muntinlupa199540 km2 | 15 mi2504,500NCR
15Calamba2001150 km2 | 58 mi2454,500CALABARZON
16Pasay194714 km2 | 5 mi2416,600NCR
17Angeles196460 km2 | 23 mi2411,700Central Luzon
18Imus201265 km2 | 25 mi2403,800CALABARZON
19Mandaluyong199421 km2 | 8 mi2386,300NCR
20Rodriguez (Montalban) TownNA313 km2 | 121 mi2369,222CALABARZON

Luzon accounts for about one-third of the landmass of the Philippines (104,688 km2 | 40,420 mi2),  and more than 54% of its population (approximately 60 Million). 

The coastal areas are generally mountainous, the highest peak being Mount Pulag at 2,928 meters (9,606 feet). 

The fertile central plain is a major rice-producing region. The indigenous Igorots also farm rice on the steep mountain terraces. 

The Bicol peninsula in the southeast  has many coconut plantations. 

It has important mineral deposits, such as gold, chromite and copper. 

Manila Bay is one of the world’s finest natural harbours and has been the landing point for countless invasions. 

Luzon has been at the epicentre of Philippine nationalism, leading revolts first against Spanish rule in 1896, and then against US rule in 1899. In 1941, the Japanese invaded the island. US forces staged a last desperate stand on Bataan peninsula in 1942. In 1945, the US finally expelled the Japanese. Several US bases remain on the island. 


(km2| mi2)
Alaminos City164 km2 | 63 mi289,700LuzonPangasinanMAP
Angeles City60 km2 | 23 mi2411,700LuzonPampangaMAP
Baguio City58 km2 | 22 mi2345,400LuzonBenguetMAP
Balabac Island582 km2 | 225 mi240,150BalabacPalawanMAP
Baler Town93 km2 | 36 mi239,570LuzonAuroraMAP
Batanes Islands219 km2 | 85 mi217,250BatanesBatanesMAP
Batangas City283 km2 | 109 mi2329,900LuzonBatangasMAP
Bicol Region18,156 km2 | 7,010 mi25,796,990LuzonAlbay, Camarines Norte,
Camarines Sur, Catanduanes,
Masbate, Sorsogon,
Burias Island424 km2 | 164 mi290,300BuriasMasbateMAP
Busuanga Island890 km2 | 340 mi273,850BusuangaPalawanMAP
Caloocan City53 km2 | 20 mi21,584,000LuzonMetro ManilaMAP
Catanduanes Island1,492 km2 | 576 mi2260,970CatanduanesCatanduanesMAP
Coron Town689 km2 | 266 mi251,810Busuanga, CoronPalawanMAP
Corregidor Island5 km2 | 2 mi21,140CorregidorCaviteMAP
Culion Island500 km2 | 193 mi220,140CulionPalawanMAP
Cuyo Archipelago130 km2 | 50 mi245,720CuyoPalawanMAP
El Nido Town923 km2 | 356 mi241,610PalawanPalawanMAP
Ifugao Province2,628 km2 | 1,015 mi2202,810LuzonIfugaoMAP
Huma Island0.13 km2 | .05 mi2NAHumaPalawanMAP
Laguna Province1,918 km2 | 740 mi23,035,100LuzonLagunaMAP
Legazpi City154 km2 | 59 mi2196,700LuzonAlbayMAP
Makati City22 km2 | 8 mi2582,600LuzonMetro ManilaMAP
Manila City43 km2 | 17 mi21,780,200LuzonMetro ManilaMAP
Magalawa Island.56 km2 | .21 mi2370MagalawaZambalesMAP
Marinduque Island953 km2 | 368 mi2234,530MarinduqueMarinduqueMAP
Masbate Island3,268 km2 | 1,262 mi2706,900MasbateMasbateMAP
Metro Manila619.5 km2 | 239.22 mi212,877,260LuzonMetro ManilaMAP
Mindoro Island10,572 km2 | 4,082 mi21,331,480MindoroOccidental Mindoro,
Oriental Mindoro
Pagudpud Town195 km2 | 75 mi223,770LuzonIlocos NorteMAP
Palawan Island12,189 km2 | 4,706 mi2886,310PalawanPalawanMAP
Pasay City14 km2 | 5 mi2416,600PasayMetro ManilaMAP
Polillo Islands629 km2 | 243 mi264,810PolilloQuezonMAP
Barangay Port Barton357 km2 | 137.8 mi25,850PalawanPalawanMAP
Puerto Princesa City2,381 km2 | 919 mi2255,200PalawanPalawanMAP
Quezon City165 km2 | 64 mi22,936,200LuzonMetro ManilaMAP
Romblon Islands1,533 km2 | 592 mi2292,790RomblonRomblonMAP
Sagada Town83 km2 | 32 mi211,130LuzonMountain ProvinceMAP
Sibuyan Island445 km2 | 172 mi259,280SibuyanRomblonMAP
Subic Town287 km2 | 111 mi2104,780LuzonZambalesMAP
Tablas Island840 km2 | 324 mi2164,100TablasRomblonMAP
Tagaytay City65 km2 | 25 mi271,200LuzonCaviteMAP
Taguig City (BGC)54 km2 | 21 mi2805,000LuzonMetro ManilaMAP
Ticao Island334 km2 | 129 mi295,130TicaoMasbateMAP
Vigan City25 km2 | 10 mi253,900LuzonIlocos SurMAP
Adams Town159 km2 | 61 mi21,800LuzonIlocos NorteMAP

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