What does MABUHAY mean?

Written by Patrick

Mabuhay is a Filipino greeting, usually expressed as Mabuhay!

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The phrase carries various meanings including “long live”, “may you live”, “cheers”, “welcome”, and “hurrah“.

The expression is mostly used for toasts during gatherings and parties, and is used as a cry of adulation towards individuals or concepts at rallies and political conferences. A more modern appropriation of the greeting is its use in the local hospitality industry to welcome guests.

The following are some phrases in which this word is commonly used: 

“Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!” 
Long live The Philippines!

“Mabuhay ang Demokrasya!” 
Long Live Democracy!

“Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!” 
Congratulations to the newly wed!

“Mabuhay. Tumawa. Magmahal.”  
Live. Laugh. Love.

“Mabuhay ka!” 
Long Live!

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