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So you’d like to know more about me … OK then … let’s start at the beginning …

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, USA. I spent the summers and weekends at my family’s cottage in Michigan on Silver Lake and the Sand Dunes. This is where I spent the first third of my life. I went to Benedictine University, a Catholic college in Lisle, Illinois, USA, and studied under the Benedictine monks where I received a top-notch education. I’m fairly well educated. I have a BS in Computer Science Software Engineering), an MS in Information Technology, an MBA in Business & Management. I am a certified Project Manager (PMP), Business Analyst, and Change Manager. I hold all the top certifications in the technology industry and over a dozen in Digital Marketing. I’m always continually learning and trying to stay current on technology, travel, photography, videography, blogging, and digital marketing. I always like to be learning, working, and teaching.

Upon graduating from college, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, USA where I worked for the second third of my life. I have worked the first half of my career in the private & public sectors and the second half in academia in the USA. I have experience in most major industries. I’ve held just about every IT position from desktop & help desk support to IT Director and everything in between. Although I have much expertise in almost all areas of IT, my primary expertise is that of an IT project manager.

I spent the first third of my life in Chicago & Michigan, the second third of my life in Phoenix, Arizona, and I plan to spend the next third of my life traveling the world. I love travel and adventure. I’m also passionate about blogging, photography, and videography. I love all forms of travel, from backpacking & camping to luxury. I use a variety of modes of travel when traveling: backpacking, cruises, stealth camper van, RVs, etc. Although I do travel a lot internationally, I love exploring the USA in my stealth camper van, especially the Southwest USA (California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas).

Although I consider myself location independent, and I travel outside the USA atleast two-thirds of the year, I consider Phoenix, Arizona, USA my home base where I own a house. It’s just 20 minutes from downtown Phoenix in the mountains at the Pointe Hilton @ Tapatio Cliffs resort community. It’s simple but nice and a great location … and close to the airport making travel easy. I love the desert … but I love the tropics and island lifestyle too. Kinda strange I know liking such extremes, but I like the radically different landscapes and activities each offer. I prefer warm weather over cold weather and most often seek destinations with warmer climates.

After working for the past 30 years in both the corporate world and academia in the USA, I decided to retire early to pursue my passions: travel & adventure, digital marketing, and photography, while still utilizing my various skills. I am currently a location independent entrepreneur traveling the world while operating several successful and profitable online businesses.

I am always looking to meet new and interesting people … and hopefully a life-long partner one day. I prefer the company of guys 18-35 who are active, fit, and like travel, adventure, and the outdoors as well as physical activities. I’m also open to girls too … but they too must be active, fit, and like travel, adventure, the outdoors, and physical activities … and preferably single. 🙂 I also appreciate the company of those older than myself … especially those who are willing to share their wisdom, knowledge, skills, and experience. If I seem interesting to you, and you’d be interested in getting together for some fun and adventure, let me know. I’d love to connect during my travels.

Answers to questions I commonly receive:

What do you like to do for fun and excitement?

I have *MANY* interests both indoors and out. I’m into movies, music, working out, outdoor activities, and travel & adventure … or just chillen at home or with friends. Some of my interests include water-skiing, water sports, snorkeling, boating, off-roading/ATVs, snowmobiling, motorcycles/quads, biking, hiking, camping, rollerblading, the martial arts, paintball, racquetball, tennis, marksmanship, archery, fitness (working out at gym/home/outdoors), volleyball, and badminton … pretty much anything outdoors! I like to live a healthy and active lifestyle. I workout 5-6 times a week and try to hike a mountain 5 days a week. I am also into a variety of music, movies, photography, videography, technology, digital marketing, and tropical fish. Interesting fact about me: I have a collection of 25K+ tunes from just about every genre. I am very into the outdoors and adventure and love to travel … both locally in the Southwest USA (road trips), as well as throughout the rest of the USA, and internationally … and do so frequently. I’m an interesting, active, and fun person worth getting to know.

Can I travel with you?

Possibly … if our interests and personalities align. I usually like to meet people and spend time with them getting to know them first BEFORE I travel with them. I’m always open to a meetup when I’m visiting your area … or if you’re visiting wherever I happen to be. 🙂

What type of person do I like to associate with?

I am well educated and stable … HOWEVER … I am very down-to-earth, modest, open-minded, and like to have fun. I am a very friendly person, and although I have many friends, most are professionals and not interested in doing the things I like to do. This is why I prefer to associate with younger people … or a person who is young-at-heart. I like people who are fit, active, open-minded, willing to try and experience new things, fun and adventurous, and have goals and ambitions. I like to mentor and share my knowledge and experience to help others become successful in achieving their dreams & goals … and I like to have fun in the process.

What do you do for a living to earn an income?

I am an IT professional, professor, and self-employed. I am currently a location independent entrepreneur traveling the world while operating several successful and profitable online businesses.

Are you single?

YES … I live and travel alone, I am single, never married, no kids … but I would like some in the future. Family is very important to me.

What do I look for in a relationship?

First off … I look for life-long friendships. I prefer building life-long relationships with people. Most of my friendships/relationships are 15+ years old. I am looking to meet people to share my interests and life with who are willing to do the same. I’m NOT looking for perfection … just someone who is clean, fit, active, likes to have fun, has goals and ambitions, and is themselves. I’d like to meet someone who is friendly and affectionate, likes to: spend time with me, eat meals together, stay in and watch movies, go out occasionally, is interested in outdoor activities as well as indoor ones too, live an active and healthy lifestyle, passionate but not into drama, and obviously into travel and adventure … someone who’s very loving and caring and will show me the same respect that I show that person. I am serious about a life-long relationship and starting a family in the future. Please do not contact me seeking a relationship if you are not interested in the same. Thanks.

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