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My Every Day Carry

Written by Patrick

If you’re wondering what the 3 letters EDC stands for it’s “Every Day Carry”.

Having the proper EDC gear is essential to making life and your travels easier and more enjoyable and dealing with emergencies when they arise.  It’s taken me many years to identify the items to include in my EDC.

The following are the items I carry with me everyday in my daily carry. The first 10 items in my EDC are essential … as is #11 if in the Philippines … however the other items are good to have, but you can get by without, depending on your situation and size of your pack. 

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1 | Wallet

When it comes to wallets, due to my active lifestyle, I prefer a minimalist design, but not too minimalist that I cannot carry what’s needed.  Although not always practical, I prefer a real leather wallet.  I do not like money clips as it’s too easy to lose money, especially if you’re very active.  I also like a compartment to store a spare key(s) securely.  RFID protection is a good feature to have as well.  I also like to have the ability to wear the wallet around my neck to make it less likely to be stolen. 

2 | Keys + Key Organizer

EDC key organizer with built-in LED light, bottle opener, tile tracking technology, 

Expandable with accessories such as pocket clip, multi-tool, anonymous lost & found tag, USB 3.0 memory stick, nano stylus, pen, flashlight, wrench, ruler, socket, firestarter, pliers, belt clip or folding knife. 

Micro-USB rechargeable … a full charge lasts 45 days.  Holds up to 10 keys.  Available in seven colors.

NOTE:  Now you’re to locate your keys on a map or make your missing keys ring by pressing a button in the KeySmart’s phone app.  What’s nice is that it’s a two-way technology, which means that if you’ve misplaced your phone, you’ll be able to make your missing phone ring, even on silent, by pressing the Tile button on your KeySmart pro key organizer. 

3 | Phone + Accessories

3a | Phone

My phone of choice is an iPhone mainly because I am familiar and comfortable with the IOS interface.  I do carry an Android phone as a backup phone for myself or my travel partner so that we can communicate in case we get separated.

3b | Phone Charger

I carry a faster charger in my EDC to charge my phone and other accessories.  I prefer a charger which has multiple outlets so that I can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

3c | Headphones

I have 2 sets of headphones I prefer, however that day’s situation will determine what I carry. I usually always wired headset + wireless headbuds.  Depending on the setting, I sometimes carry my BOSE wireless headphones too.

3d | Phone Car Adapter

I find that when traveling, it’s good to include a car-adapter in your EDC that you can use to charge your phone or spare battery while commuting to/from your destination.

4 | Battery Pack

I carry a battery pack in my EDC to power and recharge my various mobile devices while traveling. 

5 | Watch

A smart watch provides a variety of functions to complement your smartphone.  What I especially like about a smartwatch is that it allows me to keep my phone concealed while traveling but still access the essential functions on the phone.

6 | Sunglasses (Spare Glasses)

I always carry a spare pair of eyeglasses, cleaning cloth, and a case.  Oakley is my brand of choice for prescription glasses, sunglasses, and other eyewear products.

7 | MultiTool / Utility Knife

This is the ultimate multi-tool.  If you need to Cut. Crimp. Saw. File. Chizel. Scrape. Drill. Sew. Sharpen a blade.  If you need a screwdriver.  You got it!  One handed opening with locking blades. Includes a saw/file and heavy duty scissors.  With the bit kit you can do most anything.  I never get over how many times I just happen to have a bit that fits what I need to turn.  If you want the ultimate multi-tool get the Surge … it’s heavy … but it’s worth it!

8 | LED Light

I find it extremely handy to carry a small LED light with me at all times.  It’s amazing how often I use it to read serial numbers, locate items I drop in the dark, find my way in dark places, as well as many other uses.

9 | Pen + Pencil + Notebook

Having a pen, pencil, and notebook are great when you really need to write something important.  Enough said!

10 | Water Bottle

Although I own a variety of water bottles, this water bottle is my favorite to keep in my EDC.  This 1 liter container is flexible, collapsible, durable, light-weight, compact and requires little space to store in my pack.  It holds an entire liter (33 oz) of liquid … more than any of my other water bottles … and requires less space to store than any of my other water bottles.

11 | Sweat Rag

Carrying a sweat rag in warmer climates helps dealing with sweat.  It also can serve many other purposes when necessary.

12 | Hand Sanitizer

To combat germs and clean-up when traveling, I attach a travel-sized container of hand sanitizer to my EDC. These are great to have when running water and other such services aren’t available.

13 | Baby Wipes

Baby wipes have so many uses.  I carry them at all times in my EDC and use them daily.

14 | Lip Balm

This is the product I use when I have sore chapped or cracked lips.  I find that it offers the best relief most quickly.  I keep a tube of this in my EDC at all times.

15 | Sun Screen + Aloe Vera

When spending a lot of time outdoors, especially in the sun, at the beach, or on the ocean, it’s wise to use sun care products liberally and often BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER going outdoors.  These are the products I prefer to use.

16 | Gum + Breath Freshener Strips

When I am unable to brush my teeth after a meal or drink, I like to chew gum and then use a breath freshener.  These are the products I like to use.  I carry these in my EDC at all times.

17 | USB Thumb Drive

I find it handy to have a flash drive on hand when needed.   It’s a great way to transfer and backup files as well as store larger files such as videos.

18 | Surface + Mouse + USB Drive

My favorite portable computer device is a Microsoft Surface.  I like it because it’s so compact yet extremely versatile and powerful.  It can be used as either a laptop or tablet.  I really like the wireless Microsoft flexible arc touch mouse.  I carry an external USB drive to backup and store my files.

19 | Go Pro Camera + Accessories

I like to have a Go-Pro camera handy to record my adventures.  I usually carry a few accessories like a spare memory card and battery too.

20 | Mini First Aid Kit

I like to carry a small first aid kit in my EDC for emergencies and minor cuts. I find it better to be prepared with a few of the essentials rather than trying to scavenge them when needed.

21 | Ziplock Bags + Passport

I carry several ziplock baggies in my EDC because I never know when I might need one for something that I come across during my travels.  I also keep my passport in the ziplock baggies when carrying it in my EDC.

22 | Gloves

I carry protective gloves to use when riding motorcycles.  I also use them then climbing, canyoneering, caving, and spelunking or whenever I need to protect my hands.

23 | Nylon Rope Wristband

This is a great multipurpose device.  I use this on many of my adventures, especially when hiking, trekking, and camping.  I keep it in my EDC so I have it when needed.

24 | Waterproof Phone Cases

I always carry a protective waterproof case for my phones.  I use them to protect my phones when near or on the water or when it’s raining … and it rains a lot in the Philippines.

25 | Camelback + Spare Bite Valve

Camelbak are my pack of choice.  The Camelbak I prefer has a 3 liter bladder for water and plenty of storage for my EDC items and extra space for additional items depending on the adventure.  A spare bite valve comes in handy when traveling abroad or to remote areas where replacement parts are not available.  

26 | Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker I prefer to include in my EDC is a BOSE water-resistant, portable, bluetooth speaker tough enough to handle extreme outdoor conditions.  It’s loud and has great bass considering it’s compact size.  I attach it to my EDC using a carabiner clip.

27 | Personal Protection

Although we may not like to admit it, in today’s world it’s always a good idea to carry some form of personal protection to protect both yourself and loved ones. 

Depending on local laws, we recommend a knife, pepper spray, expandable baton, stun-gun, or firearmKnow the local laws and abide by them. 

When traveling in the USA I also carry a firearm in addition to other forms of personal protection.  My choice of firearm for EDC is a Smith & Wesson .38 Protector with a built-in laser pointer.  An alternative to a firearm is the Smith & Wesson BB Gun.  It looks like a Glock which should be enough to intimidate thieves, but it expels projectiles such as BBs and pellets using compressed air instead of explosives which are powerful enough to cause a thief serious pain if necessary.  Unlike a firearm, it does not require a permit to carry. 

If you carry a gun, be certain to attend a course on how to use a gun and gun safety.  Take time to go to a shooting range and learn how to operate your gun.  Practice using your gun until you feel comfortable using it.  Never point a gun at anything you do not intend to kill.

NOTE: Always keep the safety on when your gun is not in use and holstered in an urban carry holster with a retention safety built into the holster and a holster that does not allow the gun to be fired while in the holster.

Important Notes

I am NOT a doctor and not recommending any medical advice.  I am simply sharing with you the products that I use and pack in my Every Day Carry when traveling.  Please consult your doctor for any medical advice.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission if you make a purchase. We recommend only products and companies we use.  This income is used to maintain the website and support our community.

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