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Popular Entertainment in the Philippines

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Though small and still a developing country, the Philippines has lots to offer when it comes to recreation and entertainment.  Regardless of your interest in life, be it nature, visual arts, performing arts, sports, or crafts, you will surely find something to keep you entertained while in the country.

Here’s a list of where to find entertainment in the Philippines.

Amusement Parks

Manila Ocean Park

Caption:  Manila Ocean Park | Image Source

Would you believe that there are more than 10 amusement and theme parks in the country?  In Luzon alone, where the Philippine capital of Metro Manila is located, there are at least five parks to visit especially when traveling with kids and kids at heart.  Metro Manila has Ocean Park, Star City, and Mall of Asia Bay Area Amusement Park.  Enchanted Kingdom, which hosts around 20 rides and attractions, is located in the nearby Santa Rosa, Laguna.  Other areas in the country where amusement and theme parks are located are Clark in Pampanga, Subic Bay in Zambales, Dapitan City in Zamboanga del Norte, and Cebu City.

Art Galleries & Museums

National Museum of the Philippines

Caption:  National Museum of the Philippines | Image Source

The Philippines has one of the most interesting and vibrant art scenes in Southeast Asia.  Several Filipino visual artists of varying mediums have been recognized and became popular in various parts of the world.  Hence it is not surprising for art galleries, especially for contemporary art, to thrive all over the country.  The National Art Gallery, now named National Museum of Fine Arts, houses important pieces by the country’s classical artists including Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo, Diosdado M. Lorenzo, and Carlos “Botong” Francisco.  Contemporary art museums, on the other hand, come aplenty.  Metro Manila has lots of it that one day of museum-hopping may not be enough.

Historical Museums

National Museum of Natural History

Caption:  National Museum of Natural History | Image Source

One of the best ways to know more about the Philippines including its history and culture is to visit historical museums.  These museums house important artifacts from hundreds of years back like pots, burial jars, plates, figurines, accessories, bones of early Filipinos, and many others.  Collections of natural specimens and historical records of animals, plants, ecosystems, and many others can also be found in these museums.  These specimens and artifacts are considered national treasures that makeup the Philippine history and identity.


Resorts World Manila Movie Theater

Caption:  Newport World Movie Theater | Image Source

Every city in the country has movie theaters where recent movies, both local and foreign, are shown.  Almost all of these shopping malls are conveniently located inside shopping malls, so locating them may not be hard even if you are new in the area.  Theaters vary in system, design, and amenities so if you are fussy about your movies, it is better to learn more about the theater before buying your tickets.  In bigger cities like Manila and Cebu, you can enjoy IMAX, 3D, Director’s Club, and VIP theaters.

Performing Arts

Cultural Center of the Philippines

Caption:  Cultural Center of the Philippines | Image Source

Filipinos are amazing performers and many of them have even become popular worldwide.  Check out Cultural Center of the Philippines for performances and exhibitions for both local and international productions.  Some of the performances include film arts, musicals, theater and visual arts, ballet, and many others.

Spectator Sports

PBA Game in Philippines Arena

Caption:  PBA Game in Philippines Arena | Image Source

Spectator sports hold a significant place in the rich tapestry of Philippine culture, with several sports enjoying widespread popularity across the country. Basketball, in particular, stands out as a national obsession, with courts dotting nearly every barangay (neighborhood). The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) serves as the focal point for professional basketball, drawing considerable attention and fervent fan support. Beyond the hardwood, other major spectator sports in the Philippines include billiards, boxing, football, and volleyball. These sports collectively contribute to the sports culture in the Philippines, offering not just entertainment but also fostering a deep sense of national pride.

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Basketball, boxing, etc.


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