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Potentially Active Volcanoes in the Philippines

AmorongLuzonPangasinan15°49′41″N 120°48′18″E376 m | 1,234 ftPotentially Active
ApoMindanaoCotabato, Davao del Sur
7°00′29″N 125°16′12″E2,954 m | 9,692 ftPotentially Active
ArayatLuzonPampanga15°12′00″N 120°44′31″E1,026 m | 3,366 ftPotentially Active
BalatukanMindanaoMisamis Oriental8°46′N 124°59′E2,450 m | 8,040 ftPotentially Active
BalutBalutSarangani, Davao Occidental
5°24′00″N 125°22′30″E852 m | ,2795 ftPotentially Active
CabalianLeyteSouthern Leyte10°17′13″N 125°13′16″E945 m | 3,100 ftPotentially Active
Camiguin MindanaoCamiguinCamiguin9°06′N 124°42′E1,332 m | 4,370 ftPotentially Active
CancajanagLeyteLeyte10°24′43″N 124°31′55″E900 m | 3,000 ftPotentially Active
Cuernos de NegrosNegrosNegros Oriental
9°15′29″N 123°10′30″E1,862 m | 6,109 ftPotentially Active
DakutSuluSulu5°26′N 120°34′E474 m | 1,555 ftPotentially Active
IsarogLuzonCamarines Sur13°39′29″N 123°22′48″E1,966 m | 6,450 ftPotentially Active
7°57′N 124°48′E2,824 m | 9,265 ftPotentially Active
LaboLuzonCamarines Norte14°01′12″N 122°47′31″E943 m | 3,094 ftPotentially Active
Laguna CalderaLuzonRizal14°25′N 121°16′E743 m | 2,438 ftPotentially Active
LatukanMindanaoLanao del Sur7°39′N 124°28′E2,158 m | 7,080 ftPotentially Active
MahagnaoLeyteLeyte10°52′19″N 124°51′11″E800 m | 2,600 ftPotentially Active
MalinaoLuzonAlbay, Camarines Sur13°25′19″N 123°35′49″E1,548 m | 5,079 ftPotentially Active
MalindigMarinduqueMarinduque13°14′24″N 122°01′05″E1,157 m | 3,796 ftPotentially Active
MandalaganNegrosNegros Occidental10°39′N 123°15′E1,879 m | 6,165 ftPotentially Active
MarivelesLuzonBataan14°31′N 120°28′E1,388 m | 4,554 ftPotentially Active
NatibLuzonBataan14°42′18″N 120°24′00″E1,287 m | 4,222 ftPotentially Active
PanayLuzonBatangas13°43′23″N 120°53′35″E501 m | 1,644 ftPotentially Active
San CristobalLuzonLaguna, Quezon14°04′N 121°26′EPotentially Active
Santo TomasLuzonBenguet16°20′N 120°33′E2,260 m | 7,410 ftPotentially Active
SilayNegrosNegros Occidental10°46′N 123°14′E1,535 m | 5,036 ftPotentially Active

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