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Protect & Preserve the Philippine Seas

Written by Patrick
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Below are some of the things you can do to help conserve and protect the sea.

01 | Minimize the use of plastic.

Many of our household stuff are made of plastic. Our foods are usually wrapped in plastic. While they may be useful at some point, plastic can be destructive especially if not disposed properly. Not only do they clog the waterways and cause floods, they can poison and choke animals to death too. Ditch your plastic bags in favor of reusable ones. If the use of plastic bag is really necessary, choose the biodegradable one. When shopping for groceries, bringing your own bag (and container for fish and meat) will lessen the use of plastic bags.

02 | Reuse.

Choose reusable stuff such as food and water containers, and utensils. Using reusable stuff may take more effort but it’s definitely worth it. Plus it can save you money in the long run.

03 | Go for sustainable seafood choices.

When dining out or buying fresh seafood, choose those that are sustainable and avoid buying overexploited species.

04 | Use marine-friendly sunscreen.

Studies show that most sunscreen products contain chemicals that are toxic to the underwater inhabitants. Fortunately, there are now sunscreens that are marine-friendly.

05 | Support groups and organizations protecting the seas.

Several groups and organizations are working hard to protect and conserve the seas. Technology makes it easier for people to find and join these groups. Joining one of these groups isn’t enough though. Being involved in the projects and activities definitely makes more impact.

06 | Be an example.

Showing others what you do for the community isn’t necessarily bragging but can inspire others to do the same.

This article by GreenPeace.Org can help you understand the current state of Philippine seas.

Protect & Preserve the Philippine Seas

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