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Formerly named Western Samar, Samar is the third largest island in the Philippines. It is located in Eastern Visayas, within central Philippines. Its capital is Catbalogan. Biri Island is World Famous for it’s Rock Formations & Surfing, while there are many good Scuba Diving Reefs, fishing, Fresh Fish & Sea Foods on offer. Samar was the first island of the Philippines sighted by the Spanish expedition of Ferdinand Magellan on March 16, 1521.



Coordinates: 11°50′N 125°00′E


The following are a few useful and interesting details about this province.

11°50′N 125°00′E | View Map
Year Founded:
6,048.03 km2 (2,335.16 sq mi)
130/km2 (330/sq mi)
Cities & Towns:
2 Component cities, 24 Towns (Municipalities)
(Mount Huraw) 850 m (2,790 ft)
Time Zone:
Zip Code:
Area code:
+63 -(055)-XXX-XXXX
Standard voltage is 220V.
Plug commonly used is Type A but Types B and C are used as well.
Bring A to B adapter(s).
Philippine Peso (PHP)
Exchange Rate:
Approximately 1 USD = 50 PHP | click for exact exchange rate
Income Class:
First Class
Predominantly Roman Catholic
Waray-Waray, Cebuano, Tagalog, English
Known For:
Caves and waterfalls
Major Industries:
Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing, Forestry
Best Time to Visit:
February, September
Casual light clothing: shorts, t-shirt, sandals. Light jacket and pants at night, at higher elevations, and boating.
Bus Terminal(s):


The climate in this province has no dry season (with a pronounced maximum rain period usually occurring from December to January), and are thus open to the northeast monsoon. Municipalities in the southeastern section of the province experience this type of climate.

The best time to visit the island of Samar in the Philippines is from February until September, when you will have a warm temperature and little till mediocre rainfall.

The most appropriate clothing for this province is casual light clothing: shorts, t-shirt, sandals. Light jacket and pants at night, at higher elevations, and boating.

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Samar Province Map

The Samar provinceis divided into 24 Municipalities and 2 Component Cities:

  • Almagro
  • Basey
  • Calbayog
  • Calbiga
  • Catbalogan
  • Daram
  • Gandara
  • Hinabangan
  • Jiabong
  • Marabut
  • Matuguinao
  • Motiong
  • Pagsanghan
  • Paranas (Wright)
  • Pinabacdao
  • San Jorge
  • San Jose de Buan
  • San Sebastian
  • Santa Margarita
  • Santa Rita
  • Santo Niño
  • Tagapul-an
  • Talalora
  • Tarangnan
  • Villareal
  • Zumarraga


There are 49 outlying islands surrounding the mainland of Samar which are under the jurisdiction of the province.

  • Ari Island
  • Bacsal Island
  • Bagatao Island
  • Balading Island
  • Basiao Island
  • Batgongon Island
  • Boloan Island
  • Buaya Island
  • Buri Island
  • Cagduyong Island
  • Cahaliayon Island
  • Camandag Island
  • Cambaloi Island
  • Canahauan Guti Island
  • Canahauan Island
  • Danao-Danaoan Island
  • Darahuway Dako Island
  • Darahuway Guti Island
  • Daram
  • Humangad Island
  • Jinamoc Island
  • Kirikite Island
  • Laguinit Island
  • Libucan Daco Island
  • Libucan Guti Island
  • Macatol Island
  • Magcason Island
  • Majaba Island
  • Malanton Island
  • Malatugawi Island
  • Mandon Island
  • Marapilit Island
  • Numing Island
  • Owacon Islands
  • Pangabaton Island
  • Parasan Island
  • Poro Island
  • Porogot Daco Island
  • Sampotan Island
  • Santo Niño
  • Sibugay Island
  • Solop Island
  • Tagapul-an
  • Tangad Island
  • Tigderanao Island
  • Timpasan Island
  • Torre Island


The following is a list of points of interest relating to the Samar province:

  • Ando Island 
  • Bangon Falls
  • Calbiga Caves
  • Calicoan Island
  • Langun-Gobingob Cave
  • Lobo Cave
  • Lulugayan Falls
  • Marabut Marine Park
  • Samar Island Natural Park
  • Sohoton Cave
  • St. Bartholomew the Apostle Church
  • St. Peter and Paul Cathedral
  • Tarangban Falls
  • Tubabao Island
  • Ulot River

If you plan to visit the Province of Samar, you can use the following sites to determine the best places to stay:


The following is a list of festivals celebrated in Samar throughout the year:

  • Alimango Festival (Santa Margarita) – July 25
  • Karabaw Festival (Gandara) – August 11
  • Kaadlawan Han Samar – August 11
  • Manaragat Festival (Catbalogan City) – August 1–31
  • Sarakiki-Hadang (Calbayog City) – September


The following are the most frequently asked questions about the Samar province.

Where in the Philippines is Samar located?
Samar is located on located on Samar Island in Eastern Visayas.

Is Samar a city or province?
Samar is a province.

What is the Capital of Samar?
The capital of Samar is Catbalogan.

What is Samar famous or known for?
Samar is famous or known for caves and waterfalls.

How do I get to Samar?
There are several ways to get to Samar, the most common being from Manila:

  • Plane to Tacloban | 1.25 hours | $34-$160 + Bus to Catbalogan | 1.5 hours | $3
  • Bus ferry to Catbalogan | 19.5 hours | $40

RESOURCE: Best Online Transportation Resource for the Philippines

How many islands are in Samar?
There are 49 islands in the Samar province.

What does Samar mean?
Samar is derived from the Visayas word “samad” which means “wound” or “cut” which describes the rough physical features of the land which is rugged and deeply dissected by streams.

How Safe is Traveling in Samar?
Samar is generally safe for locals and tourists.

Is the climate in Samar the same as the rest of the Philippines?
The climate in Samar province is considered tropical with significant rainfall throughout the year.

To learn more about the various climate types in the Philippines, and for a Climate Map, click the link below …

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