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Top 10 Travel Games

Written by Patrick
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When traveling in the Philippines there is a lot of downtime due to transport issues, long travel times, power outages, rain, typhoons, no internet, etc.  Therefore it’s good to have some games on hand to play during these times … especially when travelling with others.  It’s also a great way to make new friends. 

Many of the classic games have been made more portable which now allows you to take them with you when you travel. 

The following are my Top 10 Travel Games based on years of experience.

1 | Standard Deck of Cards

A standard deck of cards is so versatile.  There are so many games that can be played using a deck of cards.  Most people around the world know common games such as those in the following list.  I recommend purchasing waterproof cards as they are practically indestructible.

2 | Dice & Dice Cup

I carry a leather dice cup with velvet interior plus 6 standard dice.  Great for lots of dice games like Yahtzee, Farkle, etc.  I also store spare dice and dice from other games in the cup as well.

Other dice I keep in my dice cup:

3 | Left – Center – Right (LCR)

LCR (Left Center Right) is another game that uses dice.  This game is addictive!  It’s great for large groups.  Its compact size makes it great for travel play.  Use local coins to make it more interesting and profitable.  For 3-10 players … ages 5+

4 | Uno

Uno is a classic American card game.  It’s easy to learn and play.  It’s enjoyed by kids, teens, and adults and great for groups.   I prefer the special waterproof Splash edition of UNO.  Cards are a durable and waterproof plastic.  Comes with a handy clip to keep the cards together and attach to bags.  For 2-10 players … ages 7+

Other Fun Versions:  UNO Dare | DOS | UNO Flip

5 | Magnetic Chess, Checkers, & Backgammon Travel Set

Play the classic games of chess, checkers, and backgammon with this portable magnetic 3-in-1set wherever you go.  Double-sided board.  Set comes complete with chess, checkers, and backgammon playing pieces.  For 2 players … ages 7+

6 | Bananagrams or Scrabble

Bananagrams is a more contemporary and portable version of the age old classic game of Scrabble.  This game is similar to Scrabble but without a board.  Use the lettered tiles to make a word grid.  The reviews are true … this is an awesome game!   For 1-8 players … ages 7+

Or you may prefer the Travel Edition of Scrabble

7 | Catan

The Portable Edition plays just like the Settlers of Catan. Playing pieces peg securely into place.  Compact packaging allows for easy travel.  Length of the average game is 45-90 minutes.  For 1-8 Players … Ages 10+

8 | Cards Against Humanity

Here’s a game for those with a wicked sense of humor.  Cards Against Humanity is a simple party game where there are no winners or losers.  Each round, a player asks a question from a black card and the rest of them answers with their funniest white card … words or phrases typically deemed as offensive, risqué, or politically incorrect.  This game is sure to add some excitement to your fun time.  For 4-8 Players … Ages 18+

9 | Rummy & Rummikub

There are several different versions of the Classic Game of Rummy but this one is my favorite. 

One of the world’s most popular games in a canvas bag for easy storage and travel.  Fast-paced, easy gameplay is ideal for people of different ages to play together.  For 2-4 Players … Ages 8+

10 | Games for Smartphones & Tablets

There are several other games but the only practical way to play some of them when traveling is on a smartphone or tablet.  Here are a few of my favorites:

When you experience times when you have nothing to do but wait, enjoy your time by playing a travel game!

Don’t Forget …

What is YOUR favorite travel game?

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