Various Types of Accommodations Available When Traveling in the Philippines

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The Philippines has various types of accommodations to suit everyone from luxurious hotels and resorts to simple rooms which vary greatly in price and amenities.

Price, like most accommodations, is usually dependent upon location and distance to the city center, quality of room and furnishings, and amenities.

The following is a list of different types of accommodations available throughout the Philippines so that you are aware of your options.  

BUDGET (up to $25)


Although not as plenty as resorts and hotels, a handful can be found in various locations in the country. They range from the most rugged to well-managed campgrounds. The most rugged are usually located in remote areas that do not only require hours of driving but also hiking. Well-managed campgrounds, on the other hand, are often developed complete with access to electricity, toilets, camping gear for rents, and huts, in case necessary.

Camping rate starts at P100 ($2 USD) per person. Use of toilet, electricity and other amenities are usually charged separately. Same with the permit and other fees required by the government.

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Hostels are becoming common throughout the Philippines. Hostels are dorm-like accommodations that offer almost the same amenities as hotels do but shared with other travelers. The bathroom, toilet, lounge, and kitchen are for everyone who has booked a stay in the hostel. Rooms can be for mixed-gender or same-gender only. Some hostels have private rooms available for anyone needing it.

A hostel may charge as low as P300 ($ 6 USD) per person per night.

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Homestay is an accommodation wherein a traveler stays at one of the rooms in a residence of a local. The room is usually basic but this is a great option when you are looking to experience the life of locals. They will invite you to do everyday activities with them like cook a meal, harvest fruits, and the likes. 

Overnight rate starts at P500 ($10 USD) per person and you can add as low as P50 ($1 USD) for a meal with them. is a good source of reliable homestays in the country.

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A hotel accommodation is not impossible even for someone on a shoestring budget. Room in a budget hotel has very basic amenities – a small room could be air-conditioned or just a fan, simple bed, toilet/bathroom, and sometimes a cable TV.  Hotels may or may not have an elevator so remember to inquire about it before you finalize your reservation. It’s tough to go up the stairs to get to a room on the 4th floor!

An overnight stay at a budget hotel ranges from P800 ($16 USD) to P1,200 ($24 USD) per room good for two persons.

Pension Houses

In the Philippines, pension houses only provide room stay with private toilet and bath. They do not have other amenities like a hotel has, although some may have a cafeteria or kitchen meant for sharing. 

Rate starts from P600 ($12 USD) and does not go beyond P1,000 ($20 USD) per room for a night.

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Bed & Breakfast

Most bed and breakfast in the Philippines are beautiful homes with a few rooms to accommodate guests for overnight stay. The rate varies depending on the quality of the house and the services offered. The overnight rate can be as low as P500 ($10 USD) per person.

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MID-RANGE ($25-$50)


Mid-range hotels, of course, have better amenities than budget hotels. Air-conditioned rooms are bigger and the beds are better. The bathroom has hot/cold shower, the restaurant has more options, and may even offer guests free use of gym and swimming pool, when available. Airport transport can be arranged for an additional fee.

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AirBnB is becoming common throughout the country. In the Philippines, AirBnB accommodations are commonly condo units, apartments, vacation homes, and sometimes unique homes and treehouses. 

The average rate for an overnight stay is P1,200 per room or unit.

LUXURY (over $50)


Luxury hotels are plenty in popular cities and tourist destinations like Manila, Boracay, Cebu, and Bohol. They provide free airport transport, welcome drinks, and exceptional customer service. Rooms are spacious and furnished with wider television, bigger closet, bathtub, refrigerator, coffee/tea maker, hairdryer, telephones, and safe box. Breakfast, bottled water, coffee, tea, and access to wi-fi are also provided for free. In a luxury hotel, all you ever need for a stress-free vacation will be provided to you the soonest possible time.

A luxury hotel may charge as much as P10,000 ($200 USD) for a room and P25,000 ($500 USD) for the presidential suite for an overnight stay.

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Resorts are quite common in the Philippines. They vary in quality, amenities, and customer service. Beach resorts are the most common but there are also inland resorts, mountain resorts, and urban resorts. Resorts have amenities for leisure and entertainment such as swimming pool, restaurant, gym, spa, and others.

Rate starts at P2,500 ($50 USD) and can go as much as P25,000 ($500 USD).

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Several villas, family vacation homes, and mansions are now being rented out to tourists. A unit in an upscale condominium may charge P2,500 ($50 USD) for an overnight stay while villas with amenities like swimming pool or direct access to the beach can go as high as P10,000 ($200 USD) per night.

Booking for a place to stay while in the Philippines should be easy with all the types of accommodations available. The real challenge is in choosing which one to go for. But then, there is something for everyone, even for a picky traveler. 

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