What to See and Do on Cebu Island

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With its vibrant festival, delectable cuisine, natural attractions, rich cultural heritage, and warm-hearted locals, Cebu Island promises an unforgettable journey for every traveler.  Find out what to see and do on Cebu Island.

The second largest island in the Visayas Region, Cebu offers a mix of urban excitement and serene landscapes.  The bustling capital, Cebu City, is a hub of commerce, culture, and education, featuring historic landmarks like Magellan’s Cross and Basilica del Santo Niño.  The bustling capital, Cebu City, is a hub of commerce, culture, and education, featuring historic landmarks like Magellan’s Cross and the Basilica del Santo Niño. Beyond the city, the island boasts breathtaking beaches, world-class diving spots, such as those in Moalboal and Malapascua, and natural wonders like the cascading Kawasan Falls.

This post talks about what to see and do on Cebu Island and smaller islands around it, except those located in the city as we have talked about it in the previous post. 

Here are some of the top attractions and activities to see and do in Vigan.

South Cebu

1 | Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls

Caption: Kawasan Falls

One of the most popular waterfalls in the country, Kawasan Falls is a multi-tier falls found at the foot of Mantalongon Mountain Range in Badian, Cebu.  The waterfalls are picture-perfect with the lush greenery and natural pools where people can take a refreshing dip into the cool turquoise water.

Considering that the waterfalls are found amidst the forest, an uphill hike is necessary to reach the first waterfall which is also the largest and usually crowded among the three-layer falls.  Aside from swimming, canyoneering is also a popular activity done in the area.

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2 | Experience Moalboal’s Sardine Run

Moalboal's Sardine Run

Caption: Moalboal’s Sardine Run

To see and experience the sardine run is what attracts people to Moalboal.  This world-famous sight can be seen year-round and you do not even need a diving skill to swim with over a million sardines.  This surreal experience happens just a few meters from the shore so even non-divers can join the fun.

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3 | Swim with the Whale Sharks in Oslob

Whale Sharks in Oslob></p>
<p class=Caption: Whale Sharks in Oslob

Oslob is one of the few places in the Philippines where people can meet and swim with the whale sharks in their natural habitat.  Many advocates criticize Oslob whale shark experience for over tourism and promote Donsol and Sogod Bay but the former remains to be the most popular destination when it comes to whale sharks due to its accessibility.

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4 | Reach Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak View

Caption: Osmeña Peak View

Sitting pretty as Cebu’s highest point, Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete is a great choice for beginner hikers. Easy trails with plenty of rest stops lead to the summit, where you’ll be rewarded with stunning 360-degree views of Cebu and nearby islands.

5 | Pray at Simala Shrine

Simala Shrine

Caption: Simala Shrine

Nestled in the hills of Sibonga, South Cebu, lies the Simala Shrine, also known as the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist. This popular pilgrimage site attracts devotees seeking blessings from the revered image of the Virgin Mary, said to be miraculous.  Simala Shrine has picturesque landscapes and imposing structures featuring terraces and columns.  Aside from a church, there is also a museum and souvenir shop within the monastery.  

Visitors can light candles, offer prayers, and witness the serene beauty of the monastery grounds.

North Cebu

6 | Experience the Wild at Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Sitting atop the scenic hills of Carmen, Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is home to different species of animals.  From meerkats and apes to the country’s very own Mindanao Rufous Hornbill and Visayan Warty Pig, you’ll find them all in this 170-hectare property.  In addition to its fauna collection, the park also features Michel’s Garden, showcasing the owner’s 40-year old orchid collection, and Gardens of the World, a tunnel garden that is home to different kinds of plants from all over the world.

Cebu Safari and Adventure is about one hour drive away from Cebu City and also offers thrill and excitement for the most adventurous guests with its zip line, sky bike, giant swing, ATV ride, and cave exploration.

7 | Dive with Thresher Sharks

Diving with Thresher Sharks

Caption: Diving with Thresher Sharks

Malapascua Island boasts of the most consistent sightings of pelagic thresher sharks in the world and there’s no off season because the sharks are present year-round.  Early morning dives at Monad Shoal, a seamount near the island, offer the best chance to witness thresher sharks as they visit cleaning stations to be rid of parasites.  Imagine the thrill of gliding through the crystal-clear waters alongside these sleek predators  – a truly unforgettable experience for any dive enthusiast.

Aside from thresher sharks, divers may also be treated to sightings of moon wrasse, bluehead fairy wrasse, large rays and other species of sharks such as hammerhead sharks, gray reef sharks, and whitetip sharks.

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8 | Escape to Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island Beach

Caption: Bantayan Island Beach/p>

Bantayan Island is a piece of paradise located on the west of the northern end of the main Cebu Island.  It is blessed with clear waters and pristine beaches with powdery white sand.  Aside from water activities, you can also rent a motorbike and explore quaint villages and hidden coves, witness beautiful sunsets, and indulge in fresh seafood as the island is also a fishing community.

Unlike Cebu’s bustling city life, Bantayan Island offers a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for unwinding, reconnecting with nature, and experiencing the warmth of Filipino hospitality.

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9 | Unleash your Inner Adventurer at Danasan Eco-Adventure Park

Nestled amidst the lush rainforests of Danao lies Danasan Eco-Adventure Park, a haven for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.  Immerse yourself in Cebu ecosystem as you embark on thrilling adventure activities such as sky bike, ATV ride, wakeboarding, zip line, sky drop, and cave exploration.  

For a more laid-back experience, opt for a scenic horse ride or a refreshing dip in the natural pools. Danasan Eco-Adventure Park caters to all levels of adventure, offering a chance to reconnect with nature and create memories that will last a lifetime.

10 | Cruise Through the Aisle of Medellin

Unwind on Cebu’s scenic highway, the Aisle of Medellin.  This captivating 7.5-kilometer 4-lane highway unfolds at the heart of verdant sugarcane plantations.  The one of its kind in Cebu, the Aisle of Medellin is a haven for cyclists and riders, providing a smooth and scenic route for a leisurely ride or an invigorating adventure.  Capture breathtaking photos with the lush green fields as your backdrop, or simply soak in the serene atmosphere and disconnect from the everyday hustle.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, you may want to visit other attractions on the island including Esoy Hot Spring (Catmon), Bamboo Forest (Medellin), Tuburan 360 Resto and Sunset View Deck (Tuburan), and Master’s Dragon Peak (Borbon).

With all these attractions, it’s time to start planning your Cebu Island adventure –  what will you see and do first?

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