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What’s in Our Toiletries Kit?

Written by Patrick

I am often asked what’s in my toiletries kit.   In this article, I reveal the items in my toiletries kit.  Be sure to download our ultimate packing list for a complete list of all the items in my toiletries kit and my packs.

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01 | Toiletry Bags

The following are the toiletry cases I prefer to use.  I use the toiletry case when backpacking, the dopp bag when traveling with a suitcase, and the clear cases in carry-on luggage.   

02 | Toothbrush

This is a must-have in my toiletries kit. I prefer to use an electric toothbrush whenever possible.  This is my favorite electric toothbrush. I always carry a standard toothbrush in case it’s needed or to save space.  This is the one I prefer. I try to be environmentally contentious and use bamboo instead of plastic whenever possible. 🙂

03 | Toothpaste + Mouthwash

These are two of my favorite oral hygiene products.  Not only do they clean my teeth and gums, but they leave my breath fresh too!

04 | Dental Floss

It’s always a good idea to floss.  I do my best to floss at least once a day if not more.  This is my floss of choice. The containers are small and portable.

05 | Soap + Bodywash + Loofah

I especially love coconut products.  Dove is my brand of choice when it comes to personal hygiene products.  This is my favorite soap and can be purchased in most grocery stores at the malls in the Philippines.  I like to carry a pair of exfoliating gloves to use in the shower.

06 | Shampoo + Conditioner

In order to conserve space, I use a combination shampoo and conditioner product.  Dove is my brand of choice.

07 | Travel Shower Mirror

Because I like to shave in the shower, I carry a fogless portable mirror that can be used in the shower. This mirror is practically unbreakable and good for traveling. TIP: Apply a little soap to the mirror to keep it fog-free.

08 | Shaving Razor + Blades + Shaving Gel

For a close yet comfortable shave I prefer this razor.   To ensure a comfortable shave, I use Aveeno shave gel for sensitive skin. 

09 | Towel + Face Cloth

I like this facecloth because it provides a light exfoliation and drys quickly. Great for travel.  It’s also self-cleaning which is an added bonus.

10 | Hairbrush & Comb

I love bamboo products … especially this brush and comb.  Both are all natural and high-quality. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial … meaning that you don’t have to work about bacteria growing in your brush.  Provides maximum comfort for hair and scalp while massaging your scalp to stimulate hair growth.

11 | Deodorant

I find these products to be the most effective for sweat and order protection for up to 48 hours. The scent is fresh and pleasant but subtle.  What I like about Dove products is that they use a moisturizing formula in most of their products. I find these to be a good value and available throughout most of the world.

Smooth on the skin and doesn’t leave any unaesthetic marks on the skin or clothing.  This antiperspirant deodorant contains aluminum zirconium (gasp aluminum!) But don’t worry, unlike other forms of aluminum, aluminum zirconium is dermatologist approved.   The main ingredients are coconut oil and baking soda that fight bacteria and naturally neutralize odors. 

12 | Grooming Device(s) + Kit

I think that being well-groomed is important … even when traveling.  These products are lightweight and portable and are great for keeping both your face and entire body well-groomed.

13 | Nail Clipper + File

Nail clippers need to be heavy-duty enough to handle thick, tough nails. This pair does the job.

14 | Tweezers

Tweezers come in handy for a variety of uses. Most often I use tweezers for removing splinters.

15 | Pumice Stone

Comfortable to hold and use, this all natural pumice stone works hard on calluses and tough skin.

16 | Facial Products

The following are the 2 products I use when traveling to clean and maintain a healthy complexion.

17 | Cotton Pads & Swabs

Although cotton pads have many uses, I primarily use for cleaning my face and applying facial products. Q-tips cotton swabs have a wide variety of uses, but I use for cleaning my ears after showering each day.

18 | Moisturizer

Keeping skin properly hydrated is important to maintaining healthy skin.  The following are my two favorite products. I use one of these two products daily depending on which is available to me given my current location.

19 | Talcum Powder

I use to absorb moisture and reduce friction and stay fresh.  Great for face and entire body. The following is my brand of choice.

20 | Cologne

This is my favorite fragrance.  Sea and sky meet to create a new adventure for the senses. I find the fragrance lasts longer when applied after a shower.

21 | Reusable Bottles

I use the following bottles to store small amounts of liquids from larger bottles.  These containers not only save on space, but save a lot of money from having to purchasing travel sized items.  Using these bottles I am able to use my favorite products while saving money.

22 | Reusable Containers

I use the following containers to store small amounts of lotions from larger containers.  These containers not only save on space, but save a lot of money from having to purchasing travel sized items.  Using these bottles I am able to use my favorite products while saving money.

23 | Contacts + Solution + Case

If you wear contacts, don’t forget to pack extra contacts and your contact supplies, as well as a spare pair of eyeglasses.

24| Spare Glasses + Cloth + Case

I always carry a spare pair of eyeglasses, cleaning cloth, and case.  Oakley is my brand of choice for prescription glasses, sunglasses, and other eyewear products.

25| Condoms + Lube

It’s always a good idea to have the proper protection with you when you need it.  I like to be prepared and have quality products on hand rather than take risks with unknown products when traveling in foriegn countries. 

The following are a few additional toiletries I pack in my daily carry.

A | Tissue Paper

Tissue paper has many uses when traveling.  Many bathrooms do not provide toilet paper therefore it’s a good idea to carry a roll at all times.  Trust me … you’ll be glad you do.

B | Hand Sanitizer

To combat germs and clean-up when traveling, I attach a travel sized container of hand sanitizer to my backpack.  These are great to have when running water and other such services aren’t available.  

C | Baby Wipes

Baby wipes have so many uses.  I carry them at all times in my backpack and use them daily.

D | Lip Balm

This is the product I use when I have sore chapped or cracked lips.  I find that it offers the best relief most quickly.

E | Sun Protection

When spending a lot of time outdoors, especially in the sun, at the beach, or on the ocean, it’s wise to use sun care products liberally and often BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER going outdoors.  These are the products I prefer to use.

F | Gum & Breath Mints

When I am unable to brush my teeth after a meal or drink, I like to chew gum and then use a breath freshener.  These are the products I like to use.

Important Notes

I am NOT a doctor and not recommending any medical advice.  I am simply sharing with you the products that I use and pack in my toiletries kit when traveling.  Please consult your doctor for any medical advice.

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