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Where to Go in the Philippines in February

Written by Patrick

Explore the enchanting beaches and experience interesting sporting events as the Philippines welcomes you with beautiful weather in February.

February is a great time to explore the Philippines if you love the outdoors but not the scorching heat of the sun during the peak of the dry season.  The weather in February is dry but not too hot, perfect for beach bumming, hiking, diving, and sailing.

Here are some suggestions for places to visit in the Philippines in February.

1 | Boracay

White Beach of Boracay

Caption: White Beach of Boracay

If you’re in Aklan for the Ati-Atihan Festival or in Iloilo for the Dinagyang Festival, you may want to proceed to Boracay after the street parties and dancing during the said festivals.  Early mornings and late nights may be a bit cold but the rest of the day is warmer.  Plus, you get to enjoy the famous tropical destination before the influx of tourists during the months of March, April, and May.

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2 | Pampanga

Clark Freeport Zone

Caption: Clark Freeport Zone

Hundreds of hot air balloons, small planes, helicopters, remote-control airplanes, and kites color the sky during this four-day air-sporting event in Pampanga.  Thousands of local and international tourists travel to Clark Freeport Zone to see and experience various activities such as flying exhibitions, choreographed kite-flying, gliding, and many others.

While there, don’t miss the authentic Kapampangan dishes including sisig, morcon Kapampangan, bringhe, balo balo, kamaru, and many others.  Remember, Pampanga is the Culinary Capital of the Philippines so it’s an exciting experience to try these dishes from where they originated from.

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3 | Baguio

Baguio City at Night

Caption: Baguio City at Night

February is still cold in the Philippines so if you want to experience what it feels like to be in the City of Pines when the temperature is also cold in the other parts of the Philippines, schedule your trip this month.  Additionally, the city becomes alive and more colorful during February due to the annual Panagbenga Festival with various activities taking place the whole month and concludes with the highlight events which include street dancing and float parades during the last week of February.

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4 | Iloilo

Sunset over Iloilo River

Caption: Sunset over Iloilo River

If you are into sailing events, you should not miss Iloilo’s Paraw Regatta happening every third week of February.  Paraw Regatta is the largest sailing event in the Philippines and the oldest traditional craft event in Asia.  Aside from the main event which is the sailboat race, there are also side events including rowing and paddling competition, beach volleyball, football and frisbee tournament, pageant, body painting, and many others.

Catholic devotees may also want to arrive earlier in time for the Jaro Fiesta (February 2).  Celebrated in honor of Our Lady of Candles, Jaro Fiesta is one of the largest Philippine Marian festivities.

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5 | Bohol

View of a foggy Chocolate Hills

Caption: View of a foggy Chocolate Hills

Whether you want to see the Chocolate Hills or explore underwater life, try to explore Bohol in February.  During this time of the year, the almost two thousand hills start to turn chocolate brown, a pretty sight when viewing from a few viewing decks in the area.  Additionally, you get to spend peaceful mornings or afternoons on the beach without the summer crowd.

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6 | Art Galleries and Museums

Philippine National Museum

Caption: Philippine National Museum

The country celebrates National Arts Month in February.  Government agencies and private organizations usually hold art-related activities such as exhibits, seminars, performances, festivals, and many others.  There are several art galleries in the Philippines and if you’re in Manila, the National Museum of Fine Arts, Ateneo Art Gallery, Ayala Museum, and Pinto Art Museum are a great start.

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Whether you love to wander, relax by the beach, do exciting activities, or into arts, there definitely are amazing destinations in the Philippines to visit in February.

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Have YOU been to any of these destinations?

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