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Where To Go in the Philippines in July

Written by Patrick

Craving adventure, but unsure where to go in the Philippines in July?  Don’t let the rain dampen your spirits!  The rainy season reveals a hidden side of paradise.

The Philippines is a beautiful country with something to offer tourists year-round, but July can be a hit or miss weather-wise.  It’s the rainy season in many parts of the country, so don’t expect to be treated to endless sunny days perfect for lounging at the beach.

But despite the rains, exploring the Philippines in July is possible!  As long as your itinerary is flexible and don’t mind the occasional shower, there are still many great places to go to in the Philippines in July.  Here are a few suggestions:

1 | Dipolog

Dipolog City Boulevard

Caption: Dipolog City Boulevard

Known for its scenic sunsets along Dipolog Boulevard which is overlooking the Sulu Sea, Dipolog has interesting attractions for tourists seeking nature escapes.  It has Linabo Peak, a 486-meter high peak accessible via a 3,003-step concrete stairway.  The peak offers panoramic views of Dipolog and its twin city Dapitan. 

Cogon Eco-Tourism Park, Dipolog’s crown jewel, offers a refreshing escape for nature enthusiasts.  Spanning over 344 hectares, this park transforms into a wonderland during the July rainy season.  Challenge yourself with a climb up the park’s iconic treehouse, the tallest in Mindanao, and be rewarded with breathtaking views.  Encounter the wonders of the region’s wildlife at the mini zoo, or simply relax amidst the calming embrace of nature. 

Other attractions to see in Dipolog include Sicayab Cliffs and Sungkilaw Falls.

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2 | Dapitan

Boasting of rich historical significance and natural beauty, Dapitan is a destination for history buffs and nature lovers.  Its crown jewel, the Rizal Shrine, was where Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal spent his exile.  The complex has been meticulously preserved thus a great place for visitors to delve into his life and accomplishments.  Beyond historical immersion, Dapitan offers stunning natural wonders. Explore the serene Dapitan City Plaza, a haven for relaxation, or venture further to soak up the sun on Dakak Beach’s pristine shores.  You may also want to hike Ilihan Hill, go on river cruising, and see the beaches.

For the thrill-seekers, Gloria’s Fantasyland awaits the kids and kids at heart.

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3 | Laguna

Taytay Falls in Laguna

Caption: Taytay Falls in Laguna

Aside from its quick access to Manila, visitors are drawn to Laguna due to various attractions that cater to diverse interests.  History buffs can explore Spanish-colonial era structures like the Baroque Paete Church and Pila Church.  Craving thrills?  Head to Enchanted Kingdom, the first and largest theme park in the Philippines.  Nature lovers can visit Pagsanjan Falls, where tourists can take a thrilling canoe ride upriver to reach the majestic falls. Relaxation awaits at Laguna’s hot springs like Hidden Valley Springs known for the water’s health benefits and healing properties.  They may also seek solace at hidden waterfalls like Taytay Falls, or explore the diverse flora and fauna of Mount Makiling.

While there, don’t miss the delectable kesong puti (white cheese) and buko pie, Laguna’s renowned products.

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4 | South Cotabato

Lake Holon

Caption: Lake Holon

South Cotabato in July can be a fun and interesting adventure.  The province celebrates their T’nalak Festival, a week-long event to showcase and preserve cultural heritage and T’nalak weaving.  T’nalak is a handwoven fabric made by the indigenous people using abaca.  The festival features different activities such as street dance competition, weaving competition, agro and crafts exhibits, concerts, and many others.

Before or after the festival, visit Lake Sebu and the nearby waterfalls.  This scenic destination offers not only a relaxing escape to tourists but it is also recognized as one of the most important watersheds in the Philippines supplying irrigation to South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat.

Deciding where to go in the Philippines in July can be a challenge.  The islands offer something in every season, and July is no exception.  Whether you crave lush landscapes or cultural immersion, hidden gems and exciting experiences await. Embrace the spirit of adventure, pack for flexibility, and discover the Philippines’ beauty in July. 

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