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Where To Go in the Philippines in March

Written by Patrick

The best places to go in the Philippines where you can soak up the tropical sunshine in March.

March marks the transition from the cooler months to the hot season.  The country experiences less to zero rainy days and increased sunshine thus a perfect time to travel, explore the diverse landscapes, and enjoy various outdoor activities. 

Here are some must-visit places to consider for your March adventure.

1 | Palawan

Palawan Landscape

Caption: Palawan Landscape

March is a great time to visit Palawan.  The sunny weather is perfect for exploring its pristine beaches, stunning lagoons, and diverse marine life.  Explore the iconic cliffs of El Nido, go island-hopping in Honda Bay, visit the long beach of San Vicente, or embark on a journey to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Puerto Princesa Underground River.  With pleasant weather and calm seas, Palawan offers fantastic opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and exploring its natural wonders.

Additionally, several festivals take place in Palawan every March.  Puerto Princesa’s Balayong Festival is held every 4th of March while Kulambo Festival takes place in El Nido every March 15 to 18.  Witnessing these festivals can make your trip more interesting and gives you the opportunity to take a glimpse of the local culture and traditions.

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2 | La Trinidad, Benguet

La Trinidad, Benguet Province

Caption: La Trinidad, Benguet Province

If you’re in Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival, you may want to extend your stay in Benguet and proceed to La Trinidad for the Strawberry Festival.  The festival promotes strawberries, the region’s most popular produce.  During the festival, people get to witness and enjoy various activities including float parade and farm tours as well as exhibits and trade fairs where you can find local handicrafts and indulge in fresh strawberries and strawberry products such as jams, preserves, pastries, and others.

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3 | Batanes

Scenic View in Batanes Province

Caption: Scenic View in Batanes Province

The northernmost province in the country, Batanes boasts of its picturesque rolling hills, unspoilt beaches, historical lighthouses, iconic stone houses, and laid-back vibe.  Explore Batanes in the Philippines during the months of March to May to enjoy the dry and sunny weather.

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4 | Marinduque

View of Gasan, Marinduque

Caption: View of Gasan, Marinduque

Marinduque is known in the Philippines for its Moriones Festival, a religious event that highlights the reenactment of the story of the Roman soldier in the Passion of the Christ and Stations of the Cross.  It happens every lenten season which usually falls on the month of March.  Aside from experiencing the festival and visiting the Baroque church of Boac and the grandiose Gasan Church, you may also want to explore the various natural attractions of the province during this month.  You can hike Mount Malindig which is considered an easy hike even for newbies, Malbog Sulfur Spring, cave systems, waterfalls, beaches, and Mount Mataas where the geographical center of the Philippines is located.

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5 | Bukidnon

Sea of Clouds in Bukidnon Province

Caption: Sea of Clouds in Bukidnon Province

Aside from the vast Del Monte Pineapple Farm plantation, the province of Bukidnon has several natural resources that are best explored during the dry season.  It has Mount Kitanglad, the fourth highest mountain in the Philippines and has one of the few remaining rainforests in the country.  Mount Kitanglad, along with Mount Kalatungan and Mount Capistrano, offers amazing views for hikers.

Bukidnon is also home to Alalum Falls, one of the top waterfalls in the country.  In addition to the natural attractions, Bukidnon has Dahilayan Adventure Park that offers activities that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.  Its zipline is the longest dual zipline in Asia but if you’re not for the 850-meter zipline experience, other rides you may enjoy include extreme pendulum swing, mountain coaster, tower base jump, canopy glider, rope courses, and many others.

For Catholic devotees, the pyramid-shaped Monastery of the Transfiguration houses the miraculous Madonna and Child image from Egypt.

The highlight of the Kaamulan Festival happens in March as well.  It is an ethnic cultural festival to celebrate the founding of Bukidnon as a province and at the same time honor the culture and traditions of the various ethnic groups.

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6 | Davao City

Aerial View of Davao City

Caption: Aerial View of Davao City

Davao City is a popular jumpoff point to many attractions in Mindanao.  Davao City alone has the Philippine Eagle Foundation and Nature Center, Eden Nature Park, Crocodile Park, People’s Park, Gap Farm Resort, and of course, the imposing Mount Apo, the highest peak in the country.  Other attractions that can be accessed from Davao include Asik-Asik Falls, Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary, Dahican Beach, and many others.

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March offers travelers a great opportunity to experience a tropical paradise in the Philippines.  With warm temperatures, sunny skies, and reduced rainfall, people will definitely have the time of their lives exploring the country.

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